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  1. GS 1150 ADV thoughts and aspirations

    Thoughts and aspirations,1150gsa

    Oddly, I have never set eyes upon one of these beasties in the flesh before now. My impression upon first seeing it close and having being reared on sports bikes is that it is simply enormous, intimidating even. It stands around the five foot mark. And it is certainly not beautiful, it has a squint, a bulbous buggy eye, like a third division boxer chancing his luck in a division one fight. although as an example of industrial design i feel it to be ...
  2. WindJammer 2, Bloody Awesome!

    Since passing my bike test I have developed a really sore neck! I have finally found out the reason why, my head being buffeted around by the wind. After speaking with people about it they have said it could be due to my helmet not being streamlined enough, me not “tucking” my head down enough or a combination of the two.

    Well, i’m quite a “portly” (fat) gentleman and like most 35 year olds in the country I have a bit (a lot) of a belly. Tucking myself in behind the windscreen on ...
  3. 5 Tips On Passing Your Mod 2 - Category A License.

    For some people the Mod 2 category A bike test is the source of all things evil! People struggle to pass the test, maybe due to lack of experience on the roads or plain old nerves! I passed my Mod 2 test first time with only 1 minor fault, I know I know, stop bragging… But seriously, here is how I did it, here are 5 useful tips which could help you pass your mod 2.

    I actually found my Mod 1 a lot harder!

    Complete with video… a little bit of swearing in the video just ...
  4. Short weekend in Le Wast and Belgium

    Last weekend had us boarding the Eurotunnel and heading off for a cheeky weekend in France. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and the ride report is here
  5. And so it begins....

    ...I have decided to share some of my long held beliefs in this blog, I have no idea why, it just came to me on this lovely sunny morning driving down the A47 in Norfolk, the county of Ancients.
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"Its about being a grown up hooligan - and if that means a dark visor, remus open pipe and a bit of speeding out of town then all well and good"