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This time next week I should be in Northern Spain, the plan at the moment is to travel through Portugal, as I've never been there before. However nothing is written in stone. The whole idea about this trip is to be totally fluid. I want to be in Accra, Ghana on 6th March, other than that I'll go where the wind blows, or more to the point where it's not blowing.

My weapon of choice, is the BMW G650 X Challenge, with Touratech Rallye conversion. I was lucky that pick this up early last year, from this very parish. It's got low mileage, but they've been hard miles. From what I can work out, it's been to Morocco about 3 times, but has travel through Europe in the back of a van each time. It's also been to Iceland at least once. Cosmetically, (like me) it's a little worn and battered. But like me, underneath, it's perfect with a heart of gold. All I've had to do is replace the consumables, add a set of panniers, have Tony Archer work his magic on the seat and fit a couple of driving lights.
One of Mark's bikes I presume. It will have been ridden hard but looked after properly I'm sure. Good choice.