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Thread: Schuberth C4 & SC-1 Comms

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    Jonno, I found that it wouldn't pair initially with my Nav V, just never showed on the Nav list of devices. Recycled Nav and SC1, then for some reason everything worked fine, and it has connected properly each time since.

    Had a couple of drops of Bluetooth between Nav V and SC1, but switching off Bluetooth from menu on Nav and then recycling it cures that.

    Phone connection (iPhone 6S) has been pretty stable.

    Resolved! Combination of poorly written instructions & User Error, thanks Iain
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    I too have gone the C4 route with SC1. Done about 200 miles in mine so early days. Sizing is same as C3 and C3Pro as far as I can tell - in a medium. Love the helmet - improved field of vision especially. Comms work fine. No probs with pin block visor either. Excellent, quiet helmet.
    And, like others, a big thumbs up for Pete at Just Helmets. Excellent service, great advice. Helmet arrived exactly when promised. Can't recommend Pete highly enough.

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    Just in case anyone is concerned, twisted the Pinlock pins slightly, and now have a far better seal. 350 mile ride today from Morayshire (4.5 deg this morning) to Dent through rain and shine, with no misting at all.

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    Schuberth C4 & SC-1 Comms

    I've used my C4 for a good few hundred miles now.

    Got caught in huge storm today.

    All good really !!

    The SC1 connects quickly every time to my bike and the speakers are very good.I also wear custom ear plugs but can hear music up to about 70mph.Obviously it's much louder without the ear plugs.
    Ventilation is simple and works well,once you realise how easy the chin vent works.

    The pinlock isn't misting up at all and the helmet didn't leak a drop in VERY heavy rain.

    Comfort is high too,with plush lining.
    It's quite light considering it has comms and speakers built in,and quiet enough and seems well built.

    It bloody well should be for the price but I'm impressed so far.
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    Yesterday took the new lid (C4) out for its first ride along the canals & waterways of central Holland. All in all pretty impressed.
    Here are my points:

    Lid itself fits great and is quite a bit quieter than my normal M1. No fogging - well it was 20 degrees but then again I sweat quite a bit so fogging is almost always a problem for me. Front vent works fine although cant really notice the airflow. Don't share the points before of not knowing when its open or closed. To me pretty straight forward really. Top vent is much better allowing a nice airflow into the top of the lid.
    Field of vision is excellent. Flip lid can stick sometimes when trying to open which I did find awkward. Not sure why.

    Anyway about the comms. It all took a bit of getting used to but in fact with the remote control unit things are quite easy. Must say I'd be lost without the remote. The 2 buttons on the lid itself for me would be a nightmare. Remote fits nicely onto the left grip next to the flywheel for the navigation. No hindrance to the gear leaver or indicator.

    - The Bluetooth connection works really well. Everything pairs nicely, iPhone, GPS and remote. Remote takes the longest to pair - probably a few mins, so be patient when first setting off if the remote seems not to be working. Give it a few minutes to connect.

    - SC1 seems only to announce when 1 component is paired and not the 3 I have - iPhone, remote and GPS so you don't know if all is working until you try them.

    - Pairing is so much better than on my SRC system from Cardo which I have on my M1. SENA seems to have this one really sorted. Could also have to do with the fact that all batteries were fully charged at the beginning of the day but even at the end of the ay pairing worked fine.

    - One slight concern is that when I started the day I got 3 ''flashes'' on the remote to show the battery was full but at the end of the day only 2. seems to contradict the point made earlier about the lithium battery in the remote lasting 5 months..... Lets see how it goes.

    - Regarding the functions, radio is excellent with RDS and bandwidth announcement when you scan.

    - Volume easy to manage with the remote. Tiny delay when you hit the "+" or "-" button on the remote before the volumes changes which I kinda like.

    - Telephone connection is clear and easy to manage again with the remote.

    - General sound quality is also top.

    All in all nothing really to really fault it at this stage.

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