A one day GPS or Roadbook navigation event suitable for road legal enduro, trail of adventure bikes fitted with knobblies.
Start and finish will be from Sweetlamb using its tracks and trails, plus onto the surrounding byways, trails and backroads with stunning Welsh scenery. Approx 140-160km total.

The course is the same on the Saturday & Sunday, just buy a ticket for whichever day suits you best. If you buy a Sat & Sun ticket you will ride the same route both days. You will be contacted to get your contact details and choice of Roadbook or GPS route.

You will need a Garmin type GPS capable of receiving a GPX file. Alternatively a decent smartphone and Viewranger for navigating. A battery time of 6hrs or powered from the bike is advisable.

Or follow a roadbook with a paper roll or Rallyblitz roadbook software on a tablet. You will obviously heed a roadbook holder or tablet and ICO tropmeter or F2r tripmeter app.

You will navigate yourself between waypoints while looking for a series of secret checks to mark your routecard. 1000 penalties for each missed check and receive penalties for going over the optimum trip distance, by overshooting junctions or getting lost!

The route will cover backroads and offroad sections with gravel, rocks, mud, fords and loose surfaces. The route is set to avoid long sections of tarmac or dreaded ruts. There are no timed stages on this event, it's all on your navigation ability!

£75 fee. Entries only in advance please. There will be a maximum entry number, so get booked in to ensure your place. Bunkhouse available, please request this.

Questions through Facebook or email sweetlambnavigation@gmail.com