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Thread: Re Posting Norway August with pics Africa Twin 750

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    Re Posting Norway August with pics Africa Twin 750

    I originally posted this last year but the pics disappeared so I'm reposting with pics... that won't disappear....I've got it sussed.

    Solo trip to Norway August 17 Africa Twin 750

    I left home on 29th of July at about 1pm and just over 1 hour later I was in Folkstone the board the 3.20pm Eurotunnel to Calais.
    I hoped the weather would get better on the other side of the channel. I had lots of time to hope because there were 2x20 minute delays whilst queueing in the rain.
    There is a small shelter at the front of the queue and it turns out to be a great place to meet fellow bikers sheltering from the rain ....all having a story to tell. A group of Harley riding Dutch bikers on their way home from a Scottish tour, a lone biker on his way to Paris, a group of English lads on a 4 day pocket rocket trip to the Black Forest, and a young Argentinian I.T expert called Fernando riding his brand new R nine T Urban GS to Eindhoven to start a 7 month work contract.
    It was good to finally get on board and out of the rain. Me and Fernando decided to ride together until we reached Eindhoven.
    We rode the 200+ miles in torrential rain. Bidding each other good luck I carried on for another 30 miles before finally finding a hotel. No camping in this weather.

    Fernando drying out.

    Up and out early next morning for the long ride to Hirstals for a ferry to Larvik. I had friends in Tonsberg and Bergen. I had about 3 weeks and my plan was to get to the Artic Circle.
    Missing my late ferry by minutes and still not having got my camping head on because of the rain I booked into the very you over a barrel type of thingy...Montra Skaga Hotel. They wanted £150 for a room...I pleaded poverty and they found me a conference room... a 3 bed dorm type room with shared toilet and shower(shower was down in the gym) for £90...all to myself.

    Next morning up and out early...that was a theme to this trip...and the 200 yard ride down to the port put me first in line...where 10 minutes later I met Mick the Oz who pulled up second in line and was touring solo on his Moto Guzzi 1200..btw he's based in the UK. We had a chat and enjoyed a sunny morning standing around waiting to board.

    Mike the Oz

    Arriving in Larvik about 2pm after the 4 hour crossing i made my way to Tonsberg...about 1 hours ride away.
    I spent a few days chilling out and seeing some sights.

    Sunset over Tjome.

    Bikes and Lighthouse in Verdens End.

    Replica Viking Ship in Tonsberg.

    After a couple of days plus a couple more days waiting for the rain to stop I was up early and heading north.
    Utoya Island north west of Oslo on the E16. Site of the 2011 Norwegian massacre.
    I stopped and said a few quiet words.

    On up past Lilliehammer on the E6...the road that takes you all the way to Nordcapp. Nice ride so far and a good introduction to riding in Norway. Never fast and usually single carriageway.

    Randon on the road.

    By the time I decided to stop in a hostal (could'nt be arsed camping) near Dovre at about 7pm I had ridden about 250 slowish miles.
    Parked next to an Italian on his way solo to Nordcapp.

    Up and out early again...towards Trondeim and the road to Hell. That's a small town a few miles east of Trondheim. It's not as bad as they say

    Hell train really is the end of the line.

    It was here i made a sudden decision to go west as the forecast was for rain all the way to the Circle...turns out it was rain in the west too.
    I made my way back past the rain.. onto the E39 to Orkanger and turned off onto the Fv462. Turning right onto the RV65 to catch the ferry to Frykkem from Kvanne i met a group of 13 Harley bikers and followed them for the 60 dry miles to the ferry on a beautiful twisty road.

    Buying tickets on board the ferry from Kvanne. All the ferries I took cost about £6 for the short crossings. Pay on board with card or cash.
    Card is used every where. Some petrol stations are unmanned and only allow card at the pumps.
    These 3 beauties don't accept card of cash. Replica 1920's garsage near Tonsberg.

    Quick break...KitKat

    I carried on alone still smiling after that great ride with the Harley riders. After about 60 wettish miles on otherwise lovely roads I eventually got to a place called Vistdal, a proper one horse town, and found a camp first camp. Very basic and hot water was not working...but I was tired and thought it was time I actually camped. It was shite to be honest as no sooner had I set the tent up it rained until 10am next morning...I was a prisoner in my one man tent for hours.

    Up and out...when the rain finally stopped about 10am next morning, but only managed about 50 miles as it started again as soon as i had packed up.... and this time there was heavy mist with the rain. Slow wet ride before i finally gave up and stopped after 50 miles.


    Made it to Andalsnes Camping by late afternoon.

    It had just stopped raining but i was wet and tired so camped here until 6am following morning when I left to ride up the Trollstigen and on to Geiranger.

    View from my tent at Andalsnes camping. Hot showers, cafe and free wifi.

    Early start again on wet roads but clearing skies.
    Pictures of Trollstigen ride.

    Cold ride to the ferry for Geiranger. The red phone box was a surprise.

    A twisty climb up then a twisty descent to Geiranger.

    Leaving Geiranger I climbed to over 1000 metres and really felt the cold.

    Near Loen

    One of the shorter tunnels. I lost count of the tunnels I went through. One was 11kms...bloody amazing engineering...

    Found a great Hostal in Forde. Forde Hostal was a life saver as I'd had a tough day in the rain. £75 including brekkie. They offered to dry my clothes out in the boiler room. Perfect start with bone dry riding kit for early next morning...but as I set off the heavens opened again.

    Made it to Bergen... where it had been raining every day for 70 days. Then carried on to stay with some redneck Norwegian friends just south of Bergen.

    Hatvik....Another the rain again

    Gjerdmundshamm ferry crossing.

    Furebergfossen Waterfall

    The lonely road to Odda

    The morning had started nice but soon turned to torrential rain.
    Crossing Telemark I had to stop after riding for 60 miles in horrendous conditions with nowhere safe to stop until I reached Amot.
    Coming down off the mountain I found a camp site in Amot. Groven happy to find they had a hut available...£50 for the night. Hot showers, sauna and a dry room for wet clothes.

    Left early the following morning with the sun shining. It turned out to be the best day's riding i had had. Just north of Amot is the Fv854...a beautiful riding road which I took until it met the N134 at Flatdal. I took all day riding this road ad I was exploring off road into the forests.

    Arrived back late in Tonsberg and spent a few days there before I caught the ferry from Larvik to Hirstals and a short ride to Aalborg to visit some friends. I spent the night there before the long ride to Dunkirk for the ferry to Dover. By the time I got home to south London I had ridden about 835 miles in one day. I slept well that night.

    Great trip but very wet. Norway is a beautiful country with some amazing riding...but it is just so especially.
    Having said that I will go back one day because it's just so beautiful and because the rain messed up any sightseeing I had planned I feel I have unfinished business... I'm lucky because I've got a few friends in Norway. Maybe Nordcap next year fast ride up through Sweden and slow ride down the west coast. Hopefully if that trip happens it won't be during the wettest summer in 20 years as this trip was. All good fun though...

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    Enjoyed this report the first time you posted it and have just enjoyed looking through your pictures again.... certainly looks like we had better weather on our run up to Nordkapp in September, even if other elements of the trip were more problematic....

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    I’ll go back to Norway one day because it’s a beautiful country and every time I read a trip report on it I’m reminded that it’s unfinished business for me.

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    Wonder if it's wetter in August generally?
    I did the Kapp solo last year in June and it was quite a dry trip

    Now that I think about it the first trip I did up there had 3 totally dry days in 4 weeks
    still no deid

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    Quote Originally Posted by boatman View Post
    Wonder if it's wetter in August generally?
    I did the Kapp solo last year in June and it was quite a dry trip

    Now that I think about it the first trip I did up there had 3 totally dry days in 4 weeks
    I've been told that in May June and July there is less rain above the "circle". Western Norway is generally wet anytime of the year.

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    I enjoyed that and it brought back happy memories. Late may into June I had one day of rain and a lot of sun.

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    Superb piccies Dean...
    Perfekt ist nicht gut genug.

    UKGSER-A place where I've wasted so much time, learned so much, laughed a lot and cried a few times.

    Every bed of roses has pricks in it!

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