Rasher, who offers lots of support and good advice on these pages - particularly on the Alps - has been kind enough to share his routes with me. This was on the understanding that he doesn’t now get besieged with requests from every member of UKGSer (and their mum) for the same. Put simply, don’t bother.

In exchange for his generosity, I’ve agreed that I’ll spend some time cutting them into GPS friendly routes for others to try and, hopefully, enjoy riding, too. This won’t happen in the next 10 minutes or even 10 days, so be patient please.

Two things. As with any third party route:

1. The routes work(ed) for the person that created them, in this case Rasher. He, like me, might have borrowed / stolen ideas from somewhere else. Are they perfect? Maybe, maybe not. Inevitably, he might have missed the awsome D247 or L156 or N238 but so what, you’ll maybe find them for yourself or have read about them elsewhere or have been shown them by someone else. That’s no bad thing.

2. Any conversion into third party software and back out again (into BaseCamp, via me) and then into whatever myriad of software, GPS devices, preference settings, expertise (or otherwise) that sits out there in the big wide world, errors may well creep in. You might find yourself up a goat track or stuck on a motorway but, more often than not, that'll be down to you; not least as Rasher probabably won’t be there beside you on the day. So DO CHECK the routes before YOU use them, preferably before YOU leave home and definitely before YOU hoon off in the morning on what might become YOUR awsome ride to hell.

I think that’s just about it. I’ll close the thread whilst I get on with it.