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Thread: First European tour advice

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    First European tour advice

    Hi, New to BMW and the whole touring thing, the wife has an R1200R and I have the GSA, we are taking a three week tour around europe, what Medical and breakdown cover do people recommend, we have the BMW 2 year standard breakdown cover and we have Green flag and medical cover through our bank, is this sufficient or can anyone recommend better. TIA.

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    I would be a bit wary of policies on offer from your bank. They can be very basic and not really fit for purpose.

    Re medical insurance. I would take out comprehensive cover travel insurance as opposed to your banks offering.
    The banks offering may well be the bare minimum and not sufficient for serious stuff ie lengthy stays in hospital and
    air ambulance to fly you home etc.
    I could be wrong, but I would read the banks policy small print with great care.
    Not sure about Green Flag so again read the small print. It needs to state you and your bike will be repatriated if needs be
    and/or if you wish another bike will be supplied to continue your tour and your bike repatriated.
    I would have a shop around. AA or RAC etc.

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    This is well covered in many other threads in this forum - go look in the travel section which is sub-divided into regions.

    If you have BMW breakdown cover for Europe then that is all you need for the bikes.

    The Green Flag cover will only duplicate this.

    For personal insurance including health, firstly get a EHIC as this will cover some costs and may reduce your insurance excess. Secondly, your bank policy might be very good but you need to read the small print. Get the full policy pdf from the website and search for "motorcycle" "bike" and any other relevant keyword. You need to ensure riding a motorcycle as your main transport is covered and that any cc limit is over the capacity of your bike e.g. some policies have a 125cc limit, others 1500cc.

    Also, check the policy covers any pre-existing medical conditions. If the bank policy is fine then happy days. Go to the travel section and explore the advice to help plan your trip. If the bank policy is vague or just won't cover you, come back for recommendations, but the answer will be Get Going Insurance. In the travel section you will also find advice about foreign money as well as places to stay and visit.
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    Make sure that you have EHIC cards for both of you. If you want added protection from a seperate medical insurance cover, then ensure that it covers accidents resulting from riding a motorbike, as many/most specifically exclude this

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