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Thread: Cheapest ferry route UK to Santander or Bilbao - recommendations please?

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    I think it’s pretty cost neutral, depending on what quality of hotel you would use if riding down through France. Petrol is expensive in France, factor in tyre wear etc.

    Why would you not want a cabin (other than to save money, obviously)? The last thing the ferry company and other passengers want is a boat littered with smelly unwashed vagrant types.

    It’s s bit boring on the 24-hr crossing, and mind-numbing on the 36-hr crossing. On the other hand, you can take a book, relax, have plenty of nsps and arrive in Spain all full of energy instead of tired and aching.

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    Used to leave home (London) take the tunnel and ride to Bordeaux in one day then Algercires the next day without any problems, in fact did it a few times on the Morroco dashes we used to do, and that was with up to 12 riders. Simple enough to ride the second day to Lisbon in one hit, I managed it in 1980 two up on a BMW R65. But then I do enjoy riding long distances in a short space of time.

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    I've done it both ways and would plump for ferry every time. Straight to good roads and not the ballacher through France. For me it's cheaper as I don't fancy the long rides to do it in 2 days across France so tolls fuel bike wear and boring days make it a no brainer.
    I'm off to Portsmouth for ferry to Santander tomorrow for the Pico's.

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    Thanks for all the opinions and comments from everyone!

    Just for clarification, the reason why I was (originally) looking at the cheapest option was because this event (still not confirmed) is a work event - I'm self employed and the client always has to cover my flights and accommodation to wherever I need to be. The client would of course not be expecting to fund a holiday for me �� but I could offset the cost of a return flight (cheap) against my expenses and fund my own min-adventure.

    At this point in time, I'm erring on the side of the ferry OR - something I hadn't actually thought about was simply flying in and renting a bike on arrival - this might actually work out well, giving me the most of my limited time in the country without having to panic about lost working days on the road.

    Once (if) the client confirms ......... I'll explore the hire options further - hopefully a trip report can follow at some point ��

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