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Thread: Looking for collective thoughts and advice

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    These are my rear pads at 6k miles

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    Hi Phil, I'm now on my 3rd GS LC and all have been marginal with regard t rear brake pads. My daily journey is a 34 mile round trip of fast A roads with a fair few stop and starts. My first GS 13MY went metal to metal in 3700 miles. Following a discussion with the dealer Canons it was agreed that they would replace disc and pads. I did however point out to them that I would at least expect the pads to last from one service to the next and they agreed. Since I have kept a close eye and all three of my LC's 13MY, 15MY and my latest a 18MY seem to be marginal on rear pads. Clearly people who do much bigger miles ie motorway will likely get more miles as there is less braking however regardless of riding style 6000 or less is poor.

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    Had a discussion with the Had honcho at my dealers today. He seems to have listened & been empathetic. He says he is going to talk to BMW about the situation (and hopefully the woeful corrosion issues too!)

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