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Thread: Triumph convert... finally

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    Triumph convert... finally

    Hello everyone,

    Well, having reached a certain age when I can just about afford it, I've finally made the (eye watering) investment in a spanking new R1200GS Exclusive which I picked up this week having been brought over from Triumph for various reasons,... mostly my gravitationally challenged short legs.

    So I've been a lurker on various GS themed forums for a while after moaning about my 2014 Triumph Trophy being just that little bit big and heavy enough to take the pleasure out of using it as much as it should have been. Don't get me wrong, I loved the engine, it went great, never had any issues with it except...weight. Especially at slow speed..

    Anyway, a GS owning colleague at work helpfully put the hook in me about the factory low ride option and having taken one out I was really surprised at how light the bike felt in comparison. I did look at going back to the new lowered Tiger 1200, but it was still too heavy really.

    Youtube sealed my fate and my desire to get one when I tripped over Teapot One, then The Missenden Flyer, Baron von Grumble and so on.

    So here I am, still trying to decipher the owners manual whilst making a list of all the extra bits I want for it. Thatcham Cat 1 alarm being top of the list and first order of business.

    Look forward to reading the wealth of info and advice that appears on this forum. No doubt I will have plenty reasons to refer to it!

    All the best everyone,

    Stay safe,


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    Welcome, just check you haven’t already got a BMW alarm, mine came with one even though I did not order it and and my friend ‘found’ his after about three months on his Rallye! A good lock won’t go amiss though. Ps don’t listen to everyone on the forum, the bike is great.

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    Just chopped in my2017 XCX Explorer for much the same reasons. Really struggling with the height and weight at low speed. Only difference is I've swapped it for a Tiger 1200 low. What a piece of kit,.I thought the Gen2 Explorer was good ,but the Tiger 1200 is a different class. Roll on September.

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    Greetings Mitch & welcome to the forum......

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    Welcome Mitch
    2016 BMW R1200 GS Triple Black
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