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Thread: Mesh Wifi systems in old house?

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    Ive a house made of reinforced concrete. essentially a large faraday cage.I use the main incoming broadband router, then ran four rj45 cables around the house to different points, then used old routers and stuck them on the end of the rj45 cables.Ive now 5 different wifi points. use the same password everywhere, and Robert is your Dad's brother.You can also use old bt routers, which are very powerful, but tied in with bt, you fire the signal into one of the outlets and the wifi works and you get three more rj45s.It wont work if you put the signal into the expects a bt signal i guess. i found it online.Ive also run an rj45 straight into my audio sound system and freeview box rather than use wifi.I felt there were so many wifis it would get a bit messed the router for the freeview is next to the freeview box, so just plugged it in.
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    Bought a range extender in Lidl for €25, found a spot in the hall where the signal from router is ok and the extender signal is decent in the kitchen and bedroom overhead (these are in an extension to the return off the back wall of the old house.) So far, so good. I also set up an old sky modem wifi router to a fixed ip address and dhcp off, and have tested this as a wired extension wifi, works well. However, for now, staying clear of the wired solution. Mesh would probably be better than extender but this seems adequate for now anyhow, let's see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marki_GSA View Post
    Ubiquity is amazing kit for the money. It's not tplink cheap but then it's way better hardware and a bargain when you look at the competition like cisco and HP.

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    TP-Link hardware is actually pretty good, their RF design engineers know their stuff, but the firmware is shite. Running OpenWRT they are good. But for business applications I'm also a fan of Mikrotik kit, their point to point links are the dogs danglies, and the little hAP AC Lites are excellent value for the performance. But quite not quite as straight forward to setup.

    And for best performance on 2.4GHz, using G/N only, no B, channels 1, 6 or 11 and 20MHz width. You'd be surprised how much difference those few setting make when you have more than one AP.
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