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Hi Murr, just in case my post was misinterpreted, my mirth wasn't aimed at belittling the legitimate questions you raised by starting this thread

twas aimed at poking fun at the couple of posters (other suspects are available) who seem to jump in on any and every thread linked to brexit with private Frazer like "we're all doomed" one line comments, without actually contributing anything meaningful or helpful to assist in addressing the problems being discussed :

Engineer et all, bring something to the table or just stop contaminating threads outside the bar with your miserable wittering's. We get it, you're against leaving the EU, do you really need to use every single platform to regurgitate the mantra?

Mini rant over , carry on genuine posters with an actual interest in the specific topic being discussed
Well said that man. It's for that very reason, the stupid bickering, that I've ceased being a fully signed up member of this forum. As soon as we have a definitive answer and the situation settles down and I will re subscribe.