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Thread: Anyone used Holan panniers?

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    I use them.

    Completely waterproof so far. Completely secure so far.

    I have 2 sets....smaller for solo, larger for 2 up hols....being careful, I only have 1 set of locks and 1 set of hangers, which I swap over twice a year. I put the hangers on the panniers....measure twice, drill once.....still got it wrong, but no leakage through the (sealed with helicopter tape) extraneous holes.

    A bit of a faff getting the inners(Kreiga KS40's) in and out through the top, but perfectly doable.

    Would I get them again?


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    Having problems getting the muppets at Holan to quote on a pair of larger boxes.

    Found a used set with the small boxes, so I though it would be easy to ask them to price a pair of the larger boxes - basically a large kit less the pannier racks.

    This seems to of confused the crap out of them, they are going on about needing pictures of the rails before they can tell if the panniers will fit - FFS!!!

    I even gave them the original order number they supplied the small set with and this seems to of sent them into melt-down.

    Overall I get a terrible feeling about ordering anything from these clowns!

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    I used them for frames and bars. Yes, hard to get a quick and succinct answer to queries etc. No e mail or tel answer for a week or so, but they do eventually get there. The product was solid when it did arrive. I was impressed. Can't help on the boxes though....

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