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I have just put Pirelli Trail 2s on my 1200gs lc. They are the worst tyres I have ever put on my bike for “skipping” over bumps when upright. When they are leaning they feel ok both wet and dry but running over bumps upright leads to a lovely display of the traction control light and a very harsh ride from the rear. It’s very scary approaching junction s with strips across the road.
I can only think it is down to the different compound in the centre of the tyre. I run 36/42 and my suspension is fine.

Anybody else had any problems with these tyres? Can’t wait to take them off.
Interesting, my Pirelli T2 are the best tyres i have ever fitted? So much so i will fit them again? Wonder if it is do with weight of the rider?
Brilliant in the rain and have no problems with harsh ride? Same 36/42.
Are your wheels balanced? Mine are.