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Thread: Another ride report ... first trip Iceland 2021

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazza12adv View Post
    There a lot more trail round the coast then last year Tim. Lol

    Btw though I said I'd like to get a smaller bike and enjoy some of the more taxing trails! I think I've changed my mind. Looks like hard work on some of that.
    Walk in the park for you Garry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timolgra View Post
    Walk in the park for you Garry
    Stop tempting me.
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    I will get around to finishing this, just been a bit busy

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    We had a couple more great days of riding trails back towards the highlands although I took no photos.

    Fiona's rejoined us but unfortunately has a big off with her BMW causing considerable damage to both her and the bike.

    We patched them both up best we could and Vince accompanied her back to a big garage and cafe where we'd meet up in a couple of hours as I get a plan together.

    Before we meet up the stars aligned and the rest of us were able to take a diversion from what was already a stunning trail to the top of a nearby mountain which I'd long fancied.
    It was difficult and once again I was glad to be on this bike, but worth it for the view.

    Although we could make the BMW rideable it was clear poor Fiona had taken a beating and sadly this was to be the end of her riding.

    I called my good friend Dori who's a biker and lives in the north, he's always more than willing to help us out and sure enough was with us within 90 minutes. Although heading away from Reykjavik he took Fiona and her bike to their home where he and his wife, Steina, really looked after her, even taking her out for a very long drive in the Range Rover.

    Coffee with Dori and Steina

    Two weeks later Dori once again came to my rescue when we arrived soaking wet and freezing cold, can't thank him enough and one day I hope he'll ride with us as I know he'd love to

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    We start the next day with an easy, beautiful trail followed by a glorious road ride.

    Then later a long trail into the centre of Iceland, a perhaps over enthusiastic Vince bins his 660 big time dislodging a huge rock and bending his radiator, we think luckily he landed on his head so no damage done , the bike's ok and Vince shrugs it off

    We arrive in time to for a session in the natural hot pool and get some food on


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    Early into the next days ride there's always the potential for wet feet.

    Several hours hard riding later and we're into my favourite area to ride.

    The mighty Honda 250 still faultless.

    At camp I climb up the hill to find phone reception just as a big group of horses pass by


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    Heading south through this stunning area

    I have a plan to use a new trail with an unknown to me river crossing, luckily at an earlier crossing I meet a warden who tells me the exact line to take..... which is very different to the 4x4 line and also advises to checkout the natural bridge!

    The crossing is just above this waterfall!

    While others tackle the rocky and tricky natural bridge Stu and I watch a couple of 4x4s make the crossing, they're hitting huge rocks as they use what appears to be the natural line and would be impossible on a bike. We both look at the river for another 5 minutes working out the best line.
    Stu also opts to use the 'bridge' but waits with me as I build up enough courage to listen to the warden's advise about the crossing.

    Although deep and with a current I stick to the advise given and it go's without hitch, even if my heart was in my mouth at one point, and even gives me enough time to get round a take a pic of Stu on the natural bridge.


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    The trail continues to wind its way through these beautiful hills.
    At the next river we can see ahead that we're in for a sand storm!

    For perhaps 10 or more miles we literally couldn't see more than a meter or so and we were riding in soft sand. It was a bit of a fight as we couldn't see enough to ride at any speed, luckily we're back on a trail I know and helped by yellow marker flags across this desert and the gps zoomed right in we finally emerged into brilliant sunshine!

    Iceland was certainly putting on a show for us today!!

    Back into the sunshine


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    Just a couple of photos left along the trails before heading back to Reykjavik.

    It's been an awesome trip with a brilliant bunch! Just such a shame about the bad luck on that first day and later with Fiona's spill.

    Bakerman and Geoff had ridden round Iceland together taking in new sights and had their own adventure, I'll post some the photos they were sending me along their way.

    I've had time to reflect on if and how I run these trips for single cylinder bikes in future ....and the conclusion is .... more great riding in the very best areas weather permitting.

    Last couple of pics are continuing along this trail, actually they're more pics of my 525....hard to refer to it as 'my bike' just in case my 640adv is reading this


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    Fantastic images as always Tim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paul G (BHT) View Post
    Fantastic images as always Tim.

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    Wonderful stuff Tim.

    Brought back memories of some great riding I have done with you previously, and hopefully some great riding still to come in the future!

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    Great report thanks for posting!!

    We’ve just got back from a week, only in a car though, certainly an interesting place & well worth a visit, perhaps not a place for those with a nervous disposition regarding their wallet..��

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    Quote Originally Posted by Si Yates View Post
    Great report thanks for posting!!

    We’ve just got back from a week, only in a car though, certainly an interesting place & well worth a visit, perhaps not a place for those with a nervous disposition regarding their wallet..��
    Yes, I know car hire and accomodation plus food etc can get very expensive, not for us skinflints though, it can be done on the cheap especially during fine weather.

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    Looks rubbish Tim!
    Just when you've got this rat race licked, here come faster rats!

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